Our History

Why is Callahan’s so successful? Since its establishment in 1950 as a fast-food restaurant, Callahan’s has stood second to none in strict quality control. Our specially made hot dogs contain nothing but the highest quality meat. We insist on this uncompromising quality control for all of the products we sell. This has been our guiding principle since 1950, when the head of the family, Artie Castrianni, first established the business. Artie worked day and night and built the business from its infancy. When most were waking up in the morning, he was just getting to bed.

The overwhelming number of satisfied customers returning regularly to enjoy the excellent food and fast service. Various notable companies and newspapers listing Callahan’s as one of the “better places to eat”. Many popular radio, movie, and sports’ personalities frequently patronizing Callahan’s. Local television news programs highlighting this long-standing eating establishment in short special features. Amateur and professional photographers alike continuing to use Callahan’s as a focal point because of its appealing design and ambiance.

Mission Statement

Before my Grandfather purchased Callahan’s in 1950 it was a gas station that sold burgers, snacks and had one pump for service. I wanted to travel back in time just before he made that purchase and incorporate his passions, his original recipes & most of all his vision into the Callahan’s that you are inside present day. Palisades Amusement Park is still active. Cars were built to last, getting gas was an EXPERIENCE, handshakes meant a promise and being AMERICAN was embraced. We tend to forget what that means in today’s society. We fight each other when we should unite one another. It’s time to refresh the mind on how truly grateful we ALL should be as a country. We are the STRONGEST. BRAVEST. HARDEST WORKING nation in the world. Freedom is our gift. Embrace it. We should be UNITED no matter race, religion or color of skin. Being American is being PROUD. So let’s come together and celebrate what it means to be ONE NATION. Life is about moments and memories. I hope you create plenty here each time you visit.  So Big! So Good! So without further explanation I am so honored and proud to present to you the New Age Callahan’s.

We look forward to serving you at the award winning Food Trucks and Unique Storefront here in Norwood!

I hope you all enjoy it and smile… Life should be as simple as that.

Best in Dogs,

Daniel C. DeMiglio  3rd Generation Grandson

Sole Owner/Operator


Meet our family

Daniel C. DeMiglio

Owner - 3rd Generation Grandson

Daniel Fabian

Head Mechanic GM

Kenia F.

Authorized Attendant GM - Food Trucks
Edwin Villatoro

Edwin V.

Head Technician
Family pic